From the yarn to the finished product

We realize all production stages in our own company. Only for the dyeing of the fabrics we add our independently tested dyeing partner. Since all production steps are carried out in-house, the different areas, office, sampling, production and logistics can respond very flexibly to the needs of our customers. In this way we use all the advantages of the close cooperation in the house in order to combine high quality and timely delivery.

Before each assignment, the feasibility test and the individual calculation of the project are made by highly experienced team. At this stage of the order process, we are working closely with them and our suppliers, so that everything will be done to their satisfaction in future.

The nomination of our own suppliers or producers of accessories, fabrics or other imported goods is not a problem for us, so our customers can always guarantee a consistent product.

Our five-stage quality control extends from the incoming goods inspection of the yarn, through the product control of the fabrics up to the ready-made product.

On request, we accompany you from the first sketches to the final production. We are happy to assist you with your design and work out your ideas graphically.

Your idea runs through the various stages of the design: from the first sketch, to the selection of materials and processing on the computer, to the styling sample. We will gladly take over all the design work for you. Only after you have released the pre-production sample finally we start with the production.


  • Feasibility test
  • Price calculation
  • Sample production
  • yarn purchasing
  • Fabric production / Knitting
  • Quality control of the fabric
  • Dyeing (partner company)
  • Cutting / Cutting
  • Printing & Finishing
  • Sewing
  • Quality control of the final product
  • Finishing / Finishing
  • Shipping